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About Real Earth Elements

The Real Earth Elements (RealEE) project was created to manage the tokenization of physical mining production in first Chile, and then various jurisdictions in South East Asia, namely The Philippines and Indonesia, as well as in Mexico, and elsewhere as opportunities are identified.

The Real Earth Elements (REE) Token was created to enable exposure to extremely important natural resources, namely copper, gold, iron ore, and other mined elements and minerals. REE Token thus serves as a store of value, and an income-producing digital asset as demand for yield-bearing instruments continues to grow unabated.

Working with specialized Scalable Boutique Mining operations, Real Earth Elements strives to cooperate with miners who efficiently mine resources with minimal environmental impact. We encourage our partner mining operations to operate in an eco and human net positive way; to reforest land, support local communities, use renewable energy and socially conscious processes while placing protection of the environment front and center.

The team behind REE Token holds many years of experience in both physical resource development and trading, traditional and decentralized finance, legal and technology expertise, as well as many other key areas of business. This project provides access to tokenized investments, allowing investors greater financial flexibility and capital efficiency.

The project was founded by serial entrepreneurs Jayson Elliott and Anthony Robinson, both seasoned veterans of the commodities and the Blockchain spaces. (See “Team” for details/BIOs)

The Real Earth Elements project is managed by DiviT (Dividend Tokenization) Solutions, a Bahamian entity, in partnership with No Closing Bell, Kryptk Pacific Minerals, and BiField Trade Resources, LTD.

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An Enterprise Backed Dividend-Token (EBDT)

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