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A: Dividends paid to your REE ecosystem wallet, in REP Token, according to the structure laid out in the White Paper, or over time on the Website.

A: As with any cryptocurrency token price fluctuations are inevitable based upon market supply and demand principles.

A: The current year dividend yield, which is expressed as a percentage, is a financial ratio (dividend/current price) that shows how much is paid out in dividends each year relative to its token price.

A: The total dividend yield, which is also expressed as a percentage, is a financial ratio (dividend/purchase price) that shows how much is paid out in dividends each year relative to your initial investment.  Where the value of the underlying token has increased this return will be a larger percentage than the current annual yield.

A: The dividend payout amount is typically determined through forecasting long-term earnings and calculating a percentage of earnings to be paid out. Under a stable policy, RealEE may create a target payout ratio, which is a percentage of earnings that is to be paid to shareholders in the long-term.  Token stakers will receive dividends according to the structure laid out in the White Paper, which will be available long term on the Website.

A: We cannot predict what the token dividend or yields will be long term at this time.  However, some of the higher dividend paying traditional market stocks have dividend amounts in excess of 5%.  Because we are working with 1) A defi structure with significantly lower compliance and overhead expenses and 2) a staking requirement that will give the companies more financial flexibility, we have set a goal of a minimum of 6% after we are fully operational in 2023 and have set further goals of reaching total dividend payouts in the double digits. Token stakers will receive dividends according to the structure laid out in the White Paper, which will be available long term on the Website.

A: It will not.  As with traditional markets the dividend is a product of the underlying companies’ profits and overall financial situation.  While we strive to set and maintain goals, these goals will surely change over time.


REE: Is a token backed by the physical mining operations of “Kryptk Pacific Minerals” and its partners and subsidiaries.

REP: Is a payment token, who’s value will be pegged at a ratio to the REE Token (see whitepaper). REP is not available for purchase and can be earned through the staking of REE.

A: 1) it is backed by the underlying enterprise 2) the receipt of dividends and 3) the team behind the project is truly in this project for the long haul, with long term token lockups for all principles and partners and a private bulletin board to ensure that there are no large token dumps.  We are even limiting the number of tokens available to single buyers in the early rounds as an extra precaution.

A: For accounting purposes, REE would consider it two investments.   For staking purposes each staking is considered to be in the amount staked (a process undertaken by the investor in the app).  If one amount is already locked in staking, the second amount would be staked separately.

A: After the seed round closes, the platform will be launched on our internal, private bulletin board.

A:   “Launch” refers to the moment when the token is tradeable on the private bulletin board.  We already have the mines, and have been mining, with more mines identified for us to purchase.

A: A date has not been finalized at this time. However, upon launch the private bulletin board will be available for trading and the REE app will be available for staking and dividend payouts.

A: Tokens will be released through a dashboard connected to the private bulletin board.

A: For the same reasons traditional public companies engage in stock buy backs and additionally to provide token holders an exit strategy if they so choose, which is an aspect of providing liquidity. If you invest with us, we don’t want you to feel trapped. If you need to sell, there’s liquidity available.

A1: For clarity, Real Earth Elements is a joint project between two companies.  Company 1) is Dividend Tokenization Solutions (The company managing and running the Real Earth Elements project, providing technical and legal solutions to enable this project to exist), and company 2) is the underlying enterprise (in this case Kryptk Pacific Minerals, the mining company).
A2: This token comes with no governance rights. We cannot encourage people who are unfamiliar with mining, international logistics, engineering, geology and international finance to instruct those who are running the business.

A: We have records for the Chile enterprise from September of 2021, and although we have not engaged a specific mine in the Philippines, we have records demonstrating our work with the mine owners dating back to before COVID forced the country to shut down.

A: RealEE will dedicate a certain percentage of dividend buybacks to ecological and human environmental initiatives related to partner mining operations.

A: The statement is correct. The project is exciting because copper is just at the beginning of a Supercycle.  In terms of commodities production, the best way to ensure you hedge against downward cycles is to maximize efficiency. If we are running into issues with the price crashing, which is highly unlikely at this stage of the electronic developments in society, we would scale back production and increase processing.

A: RealEE intentionally works only with mining partners who have a history or clear environmental plan for the local eco and human needs.  It is true there is a long history of environmental contamination, and this is almost always the result of bad actors who put company profits so far ahead of what is “right”; these types of decisions and actions have no place within the RealEE ecosystem.

A: Chile’s new president is a self-proclaimed pragmatic proponent of “radical democracy” and Chile boasts the most stable financial and business stable economy in South America.  Mining does not require water, but processing of ore does.  Are partners in Chile accomplish this by relocating the ore for processing to private property where they have purchased the water rights.  These locations are far from any communities and are located in industrial parks or remote uninhabitable locations.  Further, as with all compliant processing plants, the water reclamation and recycling systems limit the impact on the local environment.

A: If the company engages in the mining and/or processing of this deposit, or if the company decides to sell the gold deposit for a profit it would be reflected in the value and/or dividends of REE.  REE is an enterprise backed token, if the company has a huge success (new gold deposit) it will be reflected in REE.

A: We have not drilled test holes so far. Our mines were working properties before we acquired them and identified as sound investments by our team of engineers, geologists and former employees.  Grades thus far have tested above 1.1% and up to over 5.5%.

A: Laboratorio FGF, a local assay laboratory in Chile.

A: We may provide redacted results on an individual (non-public) basis.

A: REE’s market price is a changing figure, and can be calculated by multiplying circulating tokens by price. For more information, please see page 10 of the White Paper, under the [REE Economy] section.

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